Certificate Description

Non Degree Certificate Program

This certification introduces students to the unique opportunities and demands placed upon the performer and the relationships with English-speaking performance. This certificate consists of 3 Required Courses and 1 Elective Course.

Performing English

This certification introduces students to the unique opportunities and demands placed upon the performer and the relationships with English speaking performance
Performing English

USC School of Dramatic Arts

This certificate serves as an essential foundation for the complexities of the professional performer, presenter, host, English speaker, and storyteller and their relationship with the on-screen medium.
USC School of Dramatic Arts

The Creative Process

Students will have practical experience performing in front of the camera, with detailed review and analysis of the growth and challenges in their personal creative process.
The Creative Process

Program Outline

Performing Public Speaking, Non Degree Certificate

  • 01
    Speaking the Text (Required)
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    • Module 1: Speaking the Text - Learn how to communicate thoughts, emotions and intentions clearly, through the study of dialogue and scenes from great contemporary plays and movies.
  • 02
    Public Speaking (Required)
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    • Module 2: Public Speaking - Learn the art of presenting and expressing yourself in public, engaging your audience, and developing and delivering persuasive content.
  • 03
    Developing your Speaking Voice (Required)
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    • Module 3: Developing Your Speaking Voice - Vocal exercises and practices to enhance your articulation, your confidence, and your range as a speaker and communicator.
  • 04
    Improvisation (Required)
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    • Module 4: Improv - Become a spontaneous communicator, a team player or a team leader, a great collaborator, and gain the ability to use an artistic mindset to “think outside the box”, solve problems, and bring your community together.


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  • Is this certificate through the USC School of Dramatic Arts?

    Yes, this certificate will be taught by USC School of Dramatic Arts instructors. Your certificate will be sent through USC School of Dramatic Arts with your name and the name of the certificate completed. Fight On! (The Trojan Motto).

  • Who will I be working with?

    Your primary Instructor is listed under 'Instructor Bio' on the Course Page of each class and can be contacted at the email listed.

  • How many classes does it take to complete the certificate?

    Great Question! This certificate consists of 3 required classes and you choose 1 elective class, totaling 4 classes. For your convenience, you can see all of the classes offered on this Program Page for this certificate.

  • How long does each class take to complete?

    Each course is 4 weeks long. So you can complete your certificate in single semester.

  • Can I take more than 1 elective?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to take the courses that you feel most drawn to and excited to take. The certification only requires a total of 4 courses to complete the certificate. However, you can also take any classes a la carte for the price of that class.

  • How often do the class sessions meet?

    Once a week. You will meet once a week for 4 weeks. Each class is 2 hours in length. The date & time, for each course, will be reflected on it's respective course page.

  • What if I miss a class, or want to review the class?

    No problem. You will be able to access all sessions at your convenience, as they are recorded. You’ll see this recording once you login and access 'My Dashboard' after the class has ended for the day.

  • What if I miss the start date of a class? How often are the course offered?

    Each course will be offered on a rolling 4-week cycle. So you need only wait until the next month, which will give you plenty of time to register and prepare for class.

  • How do I pay? Can I pay in payments?

    According to the University enrollment and registration policy, payment has to made in full by the start date of the course.