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Story Exercise - Creating the Story

A story you want to tell. The way you want to tell it.

In level 1 of “Storytelling Exercise,” participants will develop a monologue as they explore the key components of a story and build the necessary script analysis skills while “Creating the  Story.”

Participants will bring a self-written monologue exploring the impact of Covid-19 on themselves and the people that they know including an exploration of the current and ongoing racial injustice that prevails in this country. The self-written monologue must have a strong moment before, an obstacle, a specific event, and a deep need, spoken to a specific person or group. By the end of the 5 weeks, the self-written monolgue will be expanded into an imaginative and/ or autobiographical monologue intended for performance. (5 - 7 minutes maximum).

While creating your self-written Monologue, please take a deep dive into:

  • What have you learned about fear, sadness, love, hope, humor, the awareness of time, loneliness, and gratitude? 
  • What can you share with us about what you have learned about yourself and society during this time?

Learning about how specific your life is will reinforce the importance of being that specific in your script analysis of other writers’ work. Write your story in a way that ignites your imagination. Be brave and adventurous! Do not be afraid of the possibilities of different voices, if you wish to play other characters. You never know what kind of writer lurks inside of you until you share that voice.

For more exercises to explore your artistry and creative choices, read 'The Intent to Live'.

Leonardo DiCaprio


"Larry’s unwavering commitment to his craft, his encyclopedic knowledge of the arts, and his sincere enthusiasm for the art of acting itself make his process exciting, inspiring and truly transformational as an actor. I would recommend his technique and process not only to first timers, but also seasoned veterans of the craft."
Leonardo DiCaprio

Hillary Swank

"Larry continues to inspire me to search fearlessly for the truth in the character I am playing and in myself as a human being. I am in awe of this profoundly gifted, articulate teacher."
Hillary Swank

Frank Darabont


"Larry Moss was my secret weapon on The Green Mile, for it was his uncanny abilities as a teacher that unlocked the door to Michael Clarke Duncan's deep well of talent and allowed that talent to shine. Under Larry’s guidance, Michael blossomed as an actor before my eyes in ways that still surprise and inspire me, resulting in an indelible performance that earned Michael a Best Supporting Actor nomination that year. If you want to act, anything Larry Moss has to say on the subject are things you need to hear, making his book not only indispensable, but a rare privilege."
Frank Darabont
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The Business

A discussion with Larry Moss

  • Larry's Bio

    Meet your Instructor

    Moss began his career at New York's famed cabaret Upstairs at the Downstairs and went on to appear on Broadway in numerous productions including Joe Layton's Drat! The Cat! Neil Simon's God's Favorite, directed by Michael Bennett, Burt Shevelove's So Long 174th Street, Gerald Freedman's The Robber Bridegroom, and Gene Saks' I Love My Wife. After teaching in New York at Juilliard and Circle in the Square, he moved to Los Angeles and founded The Larry Moss® Studio. Read More

    Larry Moss

    Master Instructor

Weekly Breakdown

Each week will consist of one, 4-hour session.

  • 01
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    • Step 1: Welcome!
    • Step 2: Getting Your Bearings
    • Step 3: Virtual Class Best Practices
    • Step 4: A Technical Note
  • 02
    Week 1
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    • Present your Written Monologue
  • 03
    Week 2
    Show details
    • Bring back Self-Written Monologue
  • 04
    Week 3
    Show details
    • Bring back Self-Written Monologue
  • 05
    Week 4
    Show details
    • Bring back Self-Written Monologue
  • 06
    Week 5
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    • Present Self-Written Monologue


“The Intent to Live does what any great acting book must do. It refuses to choose between craft and spontaneity. It introduces and thoroughly explores the craft of acting- the nuts and bolts, the roll-up-your-sleeves, practical, tactical, doable how-to – while never losing sight of the fact that great actors learn those things to create emotion, intimacy, chaos, mayhem, revolution in themselves and in the audience. Buy this book!”


Helen Hunt

“Larry Moss picks up the mantle from Stella Adler, Sandy Meisner, and a handful of others, breathing life and love into the craft of acting for a whole new generation of artists.”

Writer and Director

Gary Ross

“Larry Moss is responsible for my new found love and obsession with playwrights. He's introduced me to the work of Moliere, Albee, Shanley and Inge, just to name a few. I'm eternally grateful to him for providing a safe environment for me to act out these wild, genius and heartbreaking works of art.”


Eva Mendes

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